Ripping DIVX discs. Can it be done?

The Divx home video system, marketed from 1998-99.

Ripping DIVX discs. Can it be done?

Postby RLH » Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:58 pm

It's 2020 and DIVX is so dead, practically no one remembers these things. I've found them fun to casually collect, though.

Anyway, I am well aware that they are completely unplayable since they are encrypted. Still, it's my understanding that these are sort of standard DVD data discs, only encrypted where the keys were downloaded from the mothership. Regardless, if regarding data, if these are standard DVDs, does anyone know if you can rip the ISOs off of them using a standard DVD drive? I don't have a DVD drive, but I'd like to try ripping them.

If I can do that, I might try cracking them. 20 years after there creation and with the state of modern GPUs, I think we're at a place where it is plausible. But, to even try that, I need ISOs to work with. Before I buy an extrenal DVD drive which I don't even need otherwise, anyone have any clue if you can rip these? Anyone ever tried?

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Re: Ripping DIVX discs. Can it be done?

Postby Webmaster » Thu Dec 31, 2020 3:45 pm

Wow, a real post!

No, I've never tried creating a Divx ISO. How 'bout you?
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